Thursday, February 11, 2010

You CAN Judge a Book by Its Cover!

I know the old cliche′, but let's be honest... you can get a pretty clear idea of what lurks within the novel (or script, or film, or blah, blah, blah) by taking a gander at the... wait for it... cover art (or poster art for all you baseball-cap- and long-shorts-wearing indie filmmakers. Yeah, I know. They're sooo comfortable, right?).

Here's the deal--what is it that attracts us to a book in the first place? The title? Possibly. The author? Could be. But what makes us stop in the aisles at the nearest mega bookstore Noble Borders or whatever? The VISUALS! What we SEE!

Of course, you say. But that's what the publishing house does for me once I'm published.


I've also got this awesome bridge I wanna sell you.

Yes, of course there will be cover art created for a newly published novel. But getting to that point as a new author is a difficult process. Showing the publishing houses right off the bat that you understand basic marketing can do nothing but improve your chances. The cover art goes up on your website, your blog, your Twitter account, Facebook, you name it. You build yourself a following of potential readers eager to see your soon-to-be-published work.

The publishing houses are doing less and less these days, especially for new (read, untested) talent. If you are lucky enough to get published (and yes, it IS lucky, even if you're the next Faulkner...actually, especially if you're the next Faulkner), you're gonna have to hawk your own wares, my verbose friend. All of these kinds of viral marketing techniques need to be in your arsenal.

And we can help. Take a look at our work and see for yourself. www.zerotosoldtrailerscom. And yes, this is a pitch, but it's not just a pitch for our (we believe superior) products. It's a plea to make sure that you get cover art from somewhere... and use it.

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