Thursday, February 4, 2010

Art = Money

You’re a Writer? Screenwriter? Indie Film Producer? Then congrats because you are the CEO of your company! Yeah, we can hear the wailing denial from here. Here are some tips to make it less painful.

#1 – Accept the fact you are in business.
No, you cry? I’m an ARTIST (and yes, usually all in caps). Money corrupts art.
Umm… It also pays the rent, keeps the lights on and buys you a new laptop.
If you want to make your living from your art, you need to market your company, your brand, yourself.
But wait you say. I’ve got friends. I’ve got contacts, they’re going to help me… which brings us to…

#2 - Accept the fact that no one will ever care about our projects as much as you do.
Period. End of Statement. It’s your project. If you don’t love and believe in it more than anyone else in the world, then who should? You gave birth to this creative child.

#3 – Accept the fact your project is not an actual child though!
Because you are going to shuck this baby like a two-bit whore. Okay, maybe not that bad, but you have got to move past the Gaussian honeymoon, rose-colored glass stage of love. It’s a project you want to make money off of so you can make do another project (and buy the new iPad as long as there is extra cash laying around).

#4 – Accept the fact that you are also the head of Marketing of your own PR firm.
Whatever you think of the singer Beyonce as an artist, in a recent interview she talked about how she acts as the CEO of her own brand. She controls every aspect of it with an intensity and eye for details that surpasses any PR firm. Why? Because she believes in her art (and she wanted to attract a guy like Jay-Z, but that’s a whole other story)

#5 – Accept the fact you need cover art, press kits, and trailers.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, now you roll your eyes and go ‘this is where the pitch begins.’
The only problem with that theory is we don’t care where you get your cover art, press kit and trailers. We only care that you invest in great promotional materials.
What PR firm doesn’t have visuals? How can you build buzz and excitement about your project without something to SHOW people when they finally do come to your website?

#6 – Accept the fact that Zero to Sold is the best company to provide those for you.
Okay, you really don’t have to accept this one, but why don’t you hop on over to our website: and have a look around. At the least it will give you an idea of what you might want while you bargain shop around ☺

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