Monday, February 1, 2010

Blowing a Producer's Mind

Or the best moment in a writer's life!

We are so lucky to have a client experience just such an epiphany.

Producer was looking for a certain type of script. Our writer had pitched a story idea which they kind of sort of were okay with, but, you know, it wasn't written yet. Given it was only a $1,000,000 dollar budget they didn't want to pay to have it written then not be happy with it. Plus, maybe they would look around some more...

Next meeting (regarding another project), our writer says, hey, I've got a script trailer for that other idea, want to take a look?

A fast 60 seconds later the producer was so jazzed, they began negotiations to commission the script right then and there.

Ah, the power of good marketing tool!

Obviously, we can't share that trailer, but here's another one working its magic around the industry.

So even if you don't go with us, get yourself a book or script trailer!

Now. We mean it. Stop reading and go get one :-)

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