Sunday, May 2, 2010

Maximizing Our Exposure

Before we raise any eyebrows here, I'm talking about our internet exposure. There will be no removal of clothing here. #justsaying

We're all here on the internet for different reasons. Many of you reading may be joining us from Twitter. And what is it that you're doing there, or on any other of the many social media sites? Why are you reading a blog about promoting yourself and your unique form of creativity?

Whatever your reason for being here in the first place (information, support, marketing, networking, etc.), you've found yourself here, reading this post. And here's the thing: we can help you accomplish your goals.

Whether you're looking to make new friends within a certain area of interest or hoping to sell the next great American novel, we can help you gain greater exposure.

Just to tell you a little bit about ourselves... We are award-winning writers and filmmakers first and foremost. That's where we started. As we embarked on our journey of creation, we realized quickly that promoting our projects was key to any sort of success. And we weren't happy with any of the promotions that were being offered.

The trailers we saw didn't inspire us. Honestly, we didn't see any trailers offered for scripts (which seems ridiculous), and the ones being made for novels didn't have the kind of punch and presence we were looking for.

The cover/poster art available was decent, but again, was lacking the kind of drama and flair we sought. The same with the press kits.

So we made our own. And received immediate and overwhelmingly positive responses. We began doing it for others, including working with web designers to really solidify the clients' "brand".

Soon after that, we started realizing that this material on its own wasn't enough. It helps, definitely, but it wasn't getting us or our clients the full exposure we wanted. Even though our clients were thrilled with their responses, we knew we weren't reaching the full potential of what was being created.

At that point we got involved in social media. Very quickly it became obvious that the "social media experts" weren't as expert as advertised. Before we would get to the point of engaging their services, we would find that we had surpassed them. Within two months, we had landed five clients (among whom are a NYT Bestseller, an artist, a mommy blogger and a co-producer for a hit reality show) for whom we were managing social media accounts and web presence, as well as coaching them on their overall brand.

Enough about us. Our approach to maximizing your exposure is three-fold. We study you and your goals and help to identify and unify your brand. We develop materials (cover art, trailers, press kits, business cards, bios, etc.) to solidify that brand in the minds of viewers. Finally, we use social media to increase your presence online, drive traffic to your website(s) and materials, and to help you monetize as quickly as possible. There are no guarantees in this industry (or in life, for that matter), but our consistent record is greatly increased presence (100% to !000%, on average) within a month and monetization within three.

We have a new and greatly expanded website coming soon, but for now, you can go to to check out our promotional materials. You can also email us at info@zerotosoldtrailers (dot) com. We offer a free assessment of your web presence and brand. And here's the thing: you don't have to go with us, but getting a free assessment is... well... free! There's no obligation. And it will give you INFORMATION!! So, why not give it a shot?

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