Sunday, May 9, 2010

Let's Talk about Tweets, Baby!

"Let's talk about you and me."

Because that's what Twitter is all about, right? Creating relationships based on shared interests at 140 characters a pop.

So, just for a moment, I want you to go to your profile (if you're on Twitter, that is. If you aren't, get on, RIGHT NOW! Seriously!) and look at what's there.

What do your tweets say about you? Look at them from an outsider's point of view. Do they make sense? What's the latest tweet (which is one of your most important "stats" by they way)? If you were someone else, would you decide to follow yourself, based on what you see?

If you're on Twitter for purely social reasons, don't worry about any of this. If, however, you're here to self-promote or to monetize, you need to make sure that your stream looks attractive to potential contacts.

How do we do that? There are a lot of strategies that we employ for our clients' Twitter accounts that we're hired to manage. I will share one of those ideas.

Know what you want out of Twitter, and then make sure that your stream constantly reflects that. Anytime you engage in random banter with people on the stream, you're leaving your followers out of half of the conversation. If the conversation is one that matches your objectives online, then by all means engage. Otherwise, take it to DM.

This is just one of the many strategies that we can teach you that will help to target your market specifically. Strategies that will build your following, that will build your influence, that will allow you to push traffic from Twitter on towards your website, facebook, blog, etc.

Our new website, dealing with all of these promotional tools, is coming out very soon. In the meantime, go to our current site: and take a look at our wonderful promotional tools! You don't have to use our services to help you promote (although we're awesome, so you should!), but PLEASE make sure that you are getting your projects out there!

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  1. I felt bad you had no comments so I wanted to leave you one. I'm weird like that! So are you a marketing company? An Advertising Agency? Or do you just provide trailers, and other print materials? Just wondering. I wrote my first book on the murder of my younger brother(a creative non-fiction) I am working on my second which is about the suicide of my stepson and the third is a sort of how to be an American kid for pre-teens and teens. Do you see my problem? I would like to brand myself as a writer but feel as if I am going to have to brand each project separately...