Friday, January 29, 2010

Why should that agent crack your manuscript/script?

They are busy. Like wicked, 14 hour days, family complaining they never see them, probably addicted to something to keep them going - kind of busy.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know your work is worth the time. It's worth a million bucks. But come on, let's get real. The number of honestly good stuff is like 0.0001% of the slush pile. And they know that.

And yes, maybe yours is in the very fine sliver of awesomeness, but why should they trust that?

Even with a referral in, that only gets you into the 2%-might-be-okay tier. They have like 98 other things they should be reading before yours.

Even if they do read it and like it, they are probably going to pass.

GASP! How could that be true? Because they already have a full slate of talent. If you aren't the next Hemingway (which who of us really are?) why should they bother?

You have to PROVE to them not only does your work have what it takes, but YOU have what it takes to sell this work. How will you be on a press tour? How much of a built-in following do you have? Do you know how to leverage your following?

Those are the practical concerns they have.

Next blog will be dedicated to being able to answer all of those questions - YES! :-)

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