Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why a Script or Book Trailer?

I mean, you've just written the most awesome piece of fiction or non-fiction ever known to mankind. What else would you need to sell it?

Umm... Yeah. Maybe ten or twenty years ago that would have been enough, but now?

Now publishers and producers want to know one thing from you... How can they make their money back. Fast. And with little effort. And little marketing on their part.

So now you not only have to write the most awesome story ever, you have to SHOW everyone from an agent to the book buyers/studio execs that it has commercial appeal, and at the same time prove you have a viable platform, a winning personality, and the ability to go out there and sell your product.

If you can't get hundreds of people out to a Costco book signing or flub a Hollywood Reporter interview, what good are you for marketing?

Is this crass and the of the artistic world as we know it? Yeah, probably.

But if you want to get your work out there, you might want to learn the game and how to stack the odds in your favor.

And yes, you guessed it, we are going to recommend Book or Script trailers. We don't even care if you get them from us. You just need one. Period.

Imagine which you would prefer. You want to go to a movie. Would you rather read a review? Look at the movie poster? Or watch a trailer?

Duh. The same goes for Agents/Publishers/Producers. How much more engaging is a poster than dry text and a trailer over a still image?

Anyway, we will get off our soap box now and just hope you head on over to our website...

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  1. Book trailers are a great way of promoting a book. They not only show creativity but they breathe life into a book and make people relate to the characters. The first book trailer I came across was one for Step on it Cupid by Lorelei Mathias and it was really inspired.