Monday, January 25, 2010

Star Fury!

Our latest editing job just got accepted to IMDB (after being in the Cinema City International Film Festival).

After checking out the pitch for the micro-pilot below, head on over to IMDB ( and watch the entire micro-pilot!

Star Fury!
It’s kind of like 30 Rock, only in space. Well, not in space, but about space.

Actually, if you apply a mathematic equation, Star Fury’s heritage is 25% 30 Rock, 25% Star Trek, 25% The Office, 15% South Park, and 15% Extras which totals 105% fun!

The poor cast and crew of the series try so hard to make a relevant science fiction show, but end up with, you know, Star Fury. From their overly-method lead actor to their feminist director who isn’t above trying to sleep her way to the top, Star Fury has a cast who can just as easily play it slap-stick as they can skewer political sacred cows.

Plus to drive ratings, you can trot out science fiction icons as guest stars because, let’s face it, they need the work.

All this hilarity, and on the cheap too. Throw together a single sci-fi set (the beauty is, Star Fury is supposed to be bad science fiction, so you can go ghetto on the set design), a production office, craft services room, and you are good to go. Later, we can take our cast on the road to conventions, out on dates, and maybe a jail scene after a “misunderstanding” with three transvestites. The possibilities are as endless as the galaxies that Star Fury visits.

Besides editing the project, we also did the poster art and put together a trailer for the entire series check it out above.

If you need editing, a trailer for your own project, poster art or an actor reel, head on over to and check out our portfolio!

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