Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oh, and Did I Mention... Monday?

So, last blog I talked about how social media can change your life and make all your dreams come true (okay, so it's not a magic wand, but...). This week, I'm gonna talk specifically about what you bloggers can do to drive traffic to your brilliant ramblings on life, liberty and the pursuit of the perfect ice cream.

If you haven't heard of Mention Monday (#MentionMonday), you probably haven't spent much time on Twitter on a Monday. Last week, the secondary reach (meaning the retweets of an original tweet) of #MentionMonday was 37 million. That was not a typo. Thirty-freakin'-seven million!! Off of the strength of Mention Monday, one of our blogger clients was contacted last week by potential sponsors. Her blog is hysterical, but wasn't getting the attention or audience it deserved. Due to our efforts (yes, Mention Monday was our idea) she has landed on some pretty prestigious lists.

So many writers and filmmakers are using blogs and/or websites (if you have a website, you can participate) to get the word out about their projects. Problem is, there's an awful lot of those websites out there. How do you manage to penetrate through all the noise? Mention Monday can help.

Here's how you do it. Post a link to your blog/website (use one of the link shortening sites to increase the amount of space you have) and put #MentionMonday right there out in front to identify it. Throughout the day, go to the retweet button on the right of your twitter home page. Don't worry about "Retweets by Others", 'cause really, who cares, right? :) Go to "Your Tweets, Retweeted." If your #MentionMonday got retweeted, look and see who did it. Go to their profile and look for their #MentionMonday tweet (if there is one) and retweet it. That's just kind, right?

Once that's done, go to the search bar at the right and type in mentionmonday. There will be a ton. Retweet all that you can, and don't stress out if you miss a couple here and there. Then go to the blogs and websites. Read 'em. Comment on 'em. If you like what you see, subscribe to 'em.

Oh, and anyone that you see doing Mention Monday on the stream, follow 'em. Follow back any that add you. We're building a community of writers here, tweeps! Let's be kind to each other. I may write more on that later, but for now, go forth and enjoy #MentionMonday!


  1. Boy, there is a ton of good info here. I appreciate the wisdom. Thanks so much. molly

  2. Great ideas... just when I was finding promotion exhausting. Sometimes I wonder, is blogging and traffic all there is to social networks?